They say leap day is a day for taking chances, and for me, that chance turned into a reality on February 29th this year. That’s the day I, along with my amazing sister-in-law, Kathleen, officially launched our online business, Whipps Sticker Co.!
For years, the two of us had dreamt of being our own bosses, of turning our shared passion for fun and inspiring gift items into something more. We’d spend evenings brainstorming ideas, researching like detectives, and meticulously planning, but fear, that familiar foe, always lurked in the back of our minds. “What if it fails?” it would echo.

Then came leap day. Maybe it was the extra day whispering encouragement, or maybe it was just the stars aligning, but something clicked. We realized that if we never took the plunge, we’d never know what could be. So, with a deep breath, intertwined fingers, and racing hearts, we hit publish on our website and flung open our virtual doors.

It’s been a whirlwind adventure ever since! There have been late nights fueled by laughter (and maybe a few tears) as we diligently checked off items on our very long to-do list. There have been moments of doubt and frustration, of course, but they’ve been eclipsed by the sheer exhilaration of watching our dream take shape, brick by virtual brick.

The most rewarding part? Hearing from our friends and family! Their excitement about our products and the positive feedback have been the ultimate motivator. It’s a constant reminder that we took the leap together, for a reason – to share our passion and create something that brings value to others.

Let me tell you, there’s so much to learn and do in the world of e-commerce! Every day brings a new challenge, a new skill to master, and a new mountain (or molehill, depending on the day) to overcome. But with my amazing sister-in-law by my side, the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

So, if you’re out there with a dream bubbling away, waiting for the “right” time, here’s our message to you: Take the leap! It might be scary, but the feeling of accomplishment and the potential for something amazing is absolutely worth it. You never know what you can achieve until you try.

Here’s to new beginnings, chasing dreams, and the power of sisterhood!

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