Got a question? Sure you do. Here's where we answer them. 


Q: How do I apply one of your stickers? 

A: We're working on a video on this process, but for the moment, here's the basics. First, clean the surface where you want the sticker. Next, use a firm object — credit card, driver's license, or a squeegee — and run it across the sticker to ensure that the transfer tape is solidly on the vinyl. Separate the transfer tape (that's the clear part) from the backing paper using your hands, then place the sticker onto the surface. Run the squeegee across the transfer tape to stick the vinyl down and remove any air bubbles, then peel the transfer tape off of the vinyl by pulling it back tight against itself. It's that last part that usually gets people hung up, but don't worry, it's super easy. 


Q: What kind of vinyl do you use? 

A: Generally, we use Oracal 651 Vinyl. We've played around with a lot of different brands, and we find that the Oracal 651 hits the sweet spot between ease of use for us, and quality for you, our customers. 


Q: Can my sticker be used on a car? 

A: Absolutely. In fact, we have several stickers on our cars right now. Our vinyl is outdoor rated, so there's no concern about using it anywhere. And since we're based in Arizona, where the sun beats down on these things all day, we feel pretty confident about its longevity. But in case you want specifics, black and white colors, as well as transparent colors have a 6-year outdoor durability; metallics have 4-year outdoor durability; and Brilliant Blue has a 3-year outdoor durability. 


Q: What colors do you sell? 

A: We can get over 61 colors, but we limit the selection here because we've found that some customers get paralyzed by choice. However, if there's a color or shade that you want that we don't have listed, just send us an email and we'll see what we can do. 


Q: Do you make custom stickers? 

A: Absolutely. If you already have a logo designed, send it over and we'll see what we can do. We prefer Adobe Illustrator or EPS files, as those work best for die-cut stickers. JPEGs, BMPs, and PNGs don't work at all for the types of stickers that we do, but if you want us to use it as a basis for a new design, we can do that as well. Depending on the complexity of the design, there may be a design fee, but we'll give you an estimate before we get started so you don't get caught unaware.