Hey there, this is Kevin Whipps, one half of Whipps Sticker Co. A few years back, I was building custom cars and trucks, and I fell in love with the sticker business. When I met my wife, Kirsten, in 2005, she helped me put many a sticker on my projects, and she began to love it, too. And so, when we started looking at business opportunities, we immediately went to stickers. Why not, right? 

At Whipps Sticker Co., we don't want to do wraps, or banners, or posters, or anything else that other sticker companies may want to take on. We want to make stickers, and that's it. Today, we make standard die-cut vinyl stickers in a variety of colors and color combinations. Soon, we hope to take on digital die-cut stickers, improving our product along the way. We're just starting out, but we do take a lot of pride in our work, and we want to make sure that you're happy with your goods. 

Right now we're focused on the fun stuff: geeky stickers that work for your MacBook, iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other device you want — or heck, stick them on your car, bedroom door or notebook. We use high quality clear transfer tape with all of our stickers, meaning that it's easy to place them where you want. Plus, we offer our stickers in a variety of colors, and we're always looking at expanding. And if you want something custom, just drop us a line and we'll get something done. 

Thanks for checking out our site, and we look forward to sending you your new stickers.